Friday, 19 April 2013


YES! My package finally arrived, and I'm finally able to write about this!

iherb haul
iHerb Haul
Look at all these goodies I got. I haven't tried any of them yet due to my extremely tight schedule I had. But I just have to showoff to everyone what I got. 

First, I got a toothpaste.

earthpaste cinnamon
EarthPaste in Cinnamon
Dragged this into my shopping cart under the influence of Caitie and Brianna. Those two girls...I don't know how they do it, but they always tempts me in buying things I absolutely don't need! I wasn't in a rush to get a toothpaste as I'm still using my tooth powder. I wonder if this will make my teeth a bit whiter.

rosewater toner
Rosewater & Glycerin
I hesitated to buy this one. I was torn between the George Aloe Water recommended by Brianna, and this one. But then, I obviously ended up getting this one instead. Heard so many good reviews about rosewater. Wanted to give it a try. My face has been really dry for as long as I can remember, and really need some moisture to moisture it up. I also heard somewhere that I can spray this as a room spray? And then I can also spray it on my hair? Not sure. Will have to check up on that. Also, on a side note, will be getting the Aloe Vera one on my next purchase! ( tempted again). 

j.r.liggett's shampoo bar
J.R. Liggett's Coconut & Argan Oil Shampoo Bar
Yes! A shampoo bar! Had to get rid of my Head & Shoulder ASAP! Did not try it yet as I wasn't sure how to use it. But I can't wait to start using it. Found this brand through Britanie when she was sharing her No-Poo method. Did you see those pictures of her amazingly wavy, shiny, smooth hair? Wow...
The one thing I was quite disappointed about this product is that IT'S SO SMALL! Well it's not that of a big deal, but it was smaller than expected.

coconut and argan oil shampoo bar
Size of Shampoo Bar

j.r.liggett's size comparison
Size of Shampoo compared to my hand
It's tiny tiny. But smells actually good! Was absolutely not expecting that from bar shampoos. The ingredients are also wonderful!

badger hair oil
Badger Company Hair Oil
And then got this to give my hair a little mask every week. Heard wonderful reviews from Nicole as well as Britanie. It also smells wonderful! Will be reviewing when I get to try it!

badger company face oil
Badger Company Face Oil
Got this for my dry figure. My dryness is hindering my foundation routine! Still haven't opened this yet! But can't wait to try it tonight before I go to sleep. And yes, as you can kind of see, I'm currently having a slight little addiction to Badger Company's item.

now sweet almond oil
Almond Oil
Why did I even get this...I forgot. I included this in my shopping cart a month ago, and I can't really remember what I wanted to do with it. But I think removing my makeup with it, and giving myself some facial oil massage would be a great idea! 

Sorry for this short post, but I haven't tried any of them yet. Not even opened them! Just took the time to take some pictures, and that's it.
Will have more intensive reviews when I actually give them a try.



  1. Awesome haul!! Yippee to getting the hair oil, you're going to love it so much. I wanna try earthpaste so baddddd! Can't wait to hear what you think xo

    1. Haha. Hope I'll like it as much as you did! Will be trying that one soon! Will definitely update you when I try the earthpaste ^.^ Thanks!

  2. haha I got the same toothpaste as you (except I didn't order it from Iherb. I got the blue one, can't remember the name :P).

    I am starting to use Naturally Active Charcoal, the ones that are in a capsule, to whiten my teeth. Can't really say much yet because I have only tried it once. I'm planning to only use it once a week. But overall the price is very reasonable I got it from Iherb for about 7-8 dollars and it contains 100 capsules so its going to last me for a long long time.

    1. Blue one? O.o Never saw a blue one before. Intriguing!

      Isn't it a bit awkward to use Charcoal when brushing teeth? I'm using something similar to that, and I just found it quite uncomfortable.

      Wow, that seems to be a good price for it! Tell me how it turns out!

  3. Great haul! :) Can't wait too hear about Badger oil, it's on my WL :)

    1. Thanks Jana! I'll review the badger oils as soon as I get to try them thoroughly! Hope you'll enjoy them when you'll get them!

  4. Oh so happy you got that shampoo bar :) I love it so much - it is small but lasts a long time!!!! you only need a little!!



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